PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy Back in 1961, the Russians won the race to put the first man in space with cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s historic flight around the earth. However, when he arrived back on earth he experienced depression, bone loss, muscle degeneration, decreased metabolism, and impaired perception. Since that historic flight, “Zero Field Studies” have confirmed living cells require pulsed magnetic fields. In the absence of these naturally generated magnetic fields, cells can die with hours, making pulsed magnetic fields vital for life on earth, including human life. The Two-Fold Problem The two fold problem is that, even back on earth, most of our 21st century lives are lived indoors: people are insulated from the healthy pulsed magnetic fields generated by the earth. People are also exposed to unhealthy PEMFs, or what is called electro smog or dirty electricity. We get these from power lines, computers, cell phones, digital clocks, microwaves, TVs, Wi-Fi, blue-tooth, hair dryers, and all of the modern devices we use on a daily basis. These unhealthy energies block the natural magnetic fields from the earth that are vital for life. The New IMRS –The “NATURAL” Solution. IMRS is an abbreviation for “intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation”. The primary benefit of this method of treatment is the resonance effect of pulsating electromagnetic fields in the body, producing in a closed environment the effect of spending the day outdoors. Vibrations are transmitted as purposeful information to unhealthy cell whose function has been stressed and disturbed. The IMRS is the world leader in magnetic resonance stimulation and PEMF therapy. More than 10,000 scientific studies have been published about the effect of PEMF. Many of initial studies have been carried out in Russian and Eastern Europe, but more and more research is now taking pace in the United States. PEMF is a non-contact, noninvasive and effective treatment for many conditions. Worldwide more than 2,000 double blind studies have demonstrated the PEMF therapy is a safe and effective treatment for a variety of conditions, as well as to promote and maintain general cellular health and function. It has been called a “Whole Body Battery Recharge” because it works through rejuvenation of cell function throughout the body. How can Pulse Magnetic Resonance Stimulation (MRS) assist the body?

  • Wound Healing
  • Reducing Stress
  • Alleviation of pain
  • Nerve recuperation
  • Improving circulation
  • Stimulating bone cartilage
  •  Regulationdigestive activity
  • Normalization of the heartbeat
  • Reducing the tendency of blood clot
  • Activating the body’s defense system
  • Regulating the automomic nervous system
  • Strengthening the immune system and lymphocytes
  • Improving medatonin production and therefore sleep
  • Preventative, reducing the risk of developing health problems
  • Improving bone density (can prevent osteoporosis and/or its progression)
  • Improving the effect of medication due to improved metabolism and ciculation
  • Improvement of the respiratory volume due to improving respiratory muscle functioning

How does Magnetic Resonance Stimulation work? The main feature of this treatment method is the resonance effect of pulsating magnetic field in the body. Vibrations or frequencies (matching our own) are being transmitted as purposeful information to energy deprived, weak or unhealthy cells whose function is already restricted. Comprehensive scientific studies have already proven the medical effect of pulsating electromagnetic fields. Are there any side effects? Clinical studies on more than 200,000 patients have shown no side effect detrimental to our health.

MRS SHOULD NOT BE USED IN CASES OF EPILEPSY, PREGNANCY ELECTRONIC IMPLANTS. I understand that personal results vary. Further, I am aware that this is a non-medical, and agree to consult my personal doctor for medical advice and/ or treatment.

I give a discount when paying cash.  I will let you know what it is when you call.

PEMF 30 Minutes Session
1    – 30 session     $    40
5    – 30 sessions   $  160   (Regular  price $ 200)
10  – 30 sessions   $  280   (Regular  price $ 400)
20  – 30 sessions   $  480   (Regular  price $ 800)
PEMF 60 Minutes Session
1   – 60 session     $   70
5   – 60 sessions   $  320    (Regular  price $  350)
10 – 60 sessions   $  560    (Regular  price $  700)
20 – 60 sessions   $  960    (Regular  price $1400)
1 –  30 min PEMF /1  Massage– 30 min session  CC    $  65.00   Cash discount is $ 5.00 off
5 –  30 min PEMF /2  Massage– 30 min session  CC    $210.00  Cash discount is $10.00 off
10 – 30min PEMF /4  Massage– 30 min session  CC    $380.00 Cash discount is $15.00 off
20 – 30 min PEMF/8  Massage– 30 min session  CC    $680.00 Cash discount is $20.00 off


Rev. Bonnie Fischel on March 30, 2016
5/5 stars
I was not able to get up from my chair or walk do to inflammation in my left knee until i had Lynn perform a couple sessions on me. My knee is feeling wonderful, I am able to sit and and stand with no complication and most important no pain.  This technique is so relaxing I felt the calming affect of it within seconds not only is my knee better but so is my attitude, I am happier due to this incredible treatment.
Thank you Lynn. I feel Great!!!!!
 Kim in Gilbert
5/5 stars
Lynne is amazing !!! I have been seeing here now since 2015 I was going through a lot of changes an she explained why things were happening the way they were an gave me excellent advice in which direction to go. She not only talked to me about my job, my living arrangements, But my mother who had passed several years ago made her presents very well known during that first visit. Lynne confirmed several things during that reading that I had never discussed with anyone. She is the real deal!!! Over this past year I have now started doing energy work with Lynne it is amazing I have had some health issues an it was like they just felt so much better afterwards. I will be continuing to see her on a regular basis from here on.As she told me in the beginning it may be good or it may be bad the things she talks about but it will be TRUTHFUL. All I will say is I not only found a very special friend but she is a very kind, loving, an special angel.
 Zahira Rivera
5/5 stars
I love PEMF therapies. I have more energy physically, I no longer have insomnia. I feel more happy, alert, and wellbeing.
5/5 stars
I felt great after my PEMF therapy. I slept well also.

Just wanted to let you know I woke up this morning feeling great and with energy! Thank you for helping me. I feel blessed you came into my life. Have a beautiful day!


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